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Singing Bowl


Sound bath therapy is a deeply-immersive, full-body listening experience that intentionally uses sound waves radiating from singing bowls to invite gentle yet powerful therapeutic and restorative processes to nurture your mind and body. The experience begins with each person lying down or seated in a comfortable position, often with a blanket or eye mask. After a few minutes of guided focus on the breath, the remainder of the session is filled with different sounds and frequencies. The brain waves slow down, shifting from a more active state to a more relaxed, or even a dreamlike state.

The sounds introduced during a sound bath session are an invitation into a deeper state of consciousness, an opportunity to unplug from external stimuli and to gain perspective on what's going on within you. The goal of the experience is to invite deep rest and relaxation, and explore self-inquiry and self-discovery. All sentient beings can benefit from sound bath therapy, including pets.

Group sessions available.

Sound Bath: Skills
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